CPA Salary Potential in Public Accounting and Private Sector

She provides tax planning and tax preparation as well as bookkeeping and payroll services for small businesses and individuals residing in Montana and several other states throughout the country @facebook.

She provides business consultations, estate tax planning, and estate and gift tax returns as well. She offers personal, confidential tax and accounting services to a select group of clients who value her expertise and experience.

My mission is to consistently exceed the expectations of my clients by providing excellent, timely, and accurate service designed to minimize my clients’ tax liabilities by applying legitimate tax strategies.  I am dedicated to becoming a trusted partner and financial adviser who guides my clients towards solutions which improve their lives.  The personal attention I provide for each client, regardless of how large or small, along with a comprehensive understanding of the tax law, is the key to meeting my clients’ needs and helping them to accomplish their goals.”Julie Adkins CPA has been the best accountant we have ever worked with at Websnare, Inc. She has a very solid understanding of the tax law. Julie has demonstrated her constant attention to detail and organization to provide Websnare with a great accounting advantage.

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We can not say enough good things about our accountant! Julie is a pleasure to work with, honest, concerned with our well-being and demonstrates a level-headed approach to our manic high-tech reality! I highly recommend Julie Adkins CPA for your accounting needs because I have never met a better accountant. After seeing the results Julie provided I never will look for another CPA – she is simply the BEST of the BEST.

“I have been a client for many years and have always found Julie to be informed, knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate the information she sends throughout the year. It keeps me informed and offers good reminders. When audited by the IRS over an inherited IRA, she was there to help me through the process and resolve the matter efficiently to my satisfaction. I ended up with no additional tax, as I thought it should be when I was first contacted. Even though I have moved from the area where I first developed a relationship with Julie, I continue to use her since she is knowledgeable about my tax situation, tax history, and maintains records from year-to-year to aid in tax preparation. I really like the tax worksheets she sends out each year which helps me organize my records and streamlines the process of preparation. I highly recommend her to others.”

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