Digital Business Card An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

When I meet somebody how do I use this now don’t get offended don’t get offended sometimes I am just out of business cards but a lot of people ask me hey you have a business card you have a business card I say you know what I have a digital card they’re like whoa really.

Well that makes sense digital agency digital business card so it helps my brand out and there’s another thing is it is they know how cumbersome it is to have all these cards and have to scan them and they end up just sitting on your table or in your office or on your desk.

For the longest time this makes it easy so how do I share it a few ways I hit the share button here which is right there and I can share it by email text or even with other people within my company if.

I hit more check this out I can share it through any of my apps any of my apps right there the other way to share your card and as you can see have a bunch of other cards okay bunch of cars in here so it imported my cards and if somebody in the their entire database that works for a company like right here you can see Coldwell Banker okay because someone from Coldwell Banker had their card scanned and they actually have a logo for Coldwell Banker.

Then that logo would pop up when you scan anybody’s card from Coldwell Banker so it will look through its database for via for the cards okay and see if they can find them the other way that I’m able to share is right here I can hit share or I can hit scan so if I hit share I just pick the card that I want to share and I share it alright a lot of times what I end up doing is taking a picture of their business card.

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